About Us

PipelineSignals was born out of passion to help revenue teams succeed.
It was founded by Jamie Shanks and Amar Sheth, who are both managing partners at Sales for Life.

Over the years, Sales for Life has been training hundreds of sales and revenue teams and individuals across the globe. It provides comprehensive but practical coaching, training, and one-on-one mentoring that aims to help sales professionals improve not only their numbers but also their most intrinsic capabilities as sellers.

This is made possible through Signal Intelligence. Jamie and Amar have been teaching, living, and breathing the power of Signals for the past decade. Their goal is to change the way sellers view prospecting and, of course, selling.

But because of the vast nature of the sales landscape, PipelineSignals was created to specialize and focus on one thing: Delivering Compelling Event Signals to revenue teams so they can increase their pipeline and minimize their risks.

What makes Signals so special?

Signals save sales teams’ time and resources by giving them a more focused and smart way of prospecting.

Instead of chasing after leads like you would a needle in a haystack, we help sellers win prospects and close deals through Signals.

Think of Signals like GPS software in your car. It’s a lot easier and faster to get to where you need to go–even if it’s your first time in an area–if a data-backed and systematic assistant is guiding you along the way. That’s how Signals work. They show you not just the easy way–they guide you towards the direction of leads that are most likely to convert.

And it’s not all magic and rainbows. Signals come from actual data. Data that already exists in your work processes, in your systems, in your network. PipelineSignals comes into the scene and gathers the right data for you, hints towards which prospects are worth going after, gives you a heads up whenever there’s a red flag or risk in sight (even before you see it!), and opens doors for new sales opportunities. Put all of these things together and you’ve got an insured way of growing your sales pipeline.

This allows your sales team to focus on what they do best: Selling. It eliminates hours, day in and day out, spent on prospecting only to end up with uninterested leads.

Most of all, it improves your sellers’ ability to meet and exceed quota, close more deals, and skyrocket your profit monthly. With the right Signals to help you out, you’ll grow your pipeline and maintain healthy, satisfying relationships with your current accounts.