Simple Onboarding, Fast Results.

Welcome to Pipeline Signals! We’ve made onboarding easy by following a proven and effective process.

Our goal is to get you signals fast and help you enable their usage to increase sales pipeline.

To start, please do the following now.

  1. Access your onboarding package here to get started.
  2. Download a copy of the file and then begin your journey at the Start Here tab. Here you’ll find instructions and how to videos to begin your journey.

Onboarding is divided into the following steps.
STEP 1 –

Tell Us About Your Open Market

If you’re targeting an open market or white space, tell us about the parameters that matter to you.
STEP 2 –

Select Accounts for Monitoring

Provide a list of all prospect, customer and competitor accounts you’d like for us to monitor for signals.
STEP 3 –

Create Your Data Uploader

Tell us how you’d like to receive signals so you can upload them to CRM with speed and ease.
STEP 4 –

Set Up Reporting

Learn how to set up reports and dashboards to measure the impact of the Pipeline Signals program.
STEP 5 –

Schedule Training Sessions

Regular training sessions enable and empower your team to use signals to create real sales conversations and pipeline.