Onboarding with Pipeline Signals

We’re delighted to join you on the mission to build sales pipeline more efficiently and prescriptively. This is one of the best investments you’ll make!

If you’re reading this, you’re likely part of the core team in launching Signals to your team.

Follow the steps below to ensure you have a seamless onboarding experience.

Please expect to spend 1-2 hours going through this process. This includes your time and the time of others that may be required to provide certain types of information.

Step 1:
Data Privacy and Security

We adhere to rigorous procedures and protocols to ensure data privacy and security.

Please take the following actions to ensure a smooth engagement between our respective organizations.

  1. Execute NDA
    Send your CSM the most current version of your Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). We will review and let you know if there are any changes required or we will simply execute it.
  2. Review our Data Privacy and Security protocols here: pipelinesignals.com/data-privacy

Step 2:
Meet Your CSM

Together we’ll ensure your onboarding process is extraordinary. We have a prescriptive process to accelerate you into live Signal Intelligence reports within 1-2 weeks.

We will host a 30-minute Zoom call to review the following agenda:

  1. Outline the necessary ingredients to an effective Account & Total Addressable Market (TAM) Data Collection.
  2. Action next steps with your marketing & sales operations team to Integrate Signals into your Sales Workflows.
  3. Schedule Training with your sales team.
  4. Book automatic recurring monthly Continuous Feedback meetings in our collective calendars for the next 12-months.
  5. Outline how sellers can alter their Account & TAM Map using our Quick Change Survey.

Step 3:
Account & Total Addressable Market (TAM) Data Collection

It’s now time to provide us information about your prospect accounts, customer accounts, competitors, and other specifics about your Total Addressable Market (TAM).

When we connect with you in our formal onboarding session, we’ll discuss this information with you.

Please provide as much information as possible as it helps us deliver tailored signals.

Step 4:
Utilize Communications Assets

Provide participants their own onboarding experience by forwarding them to this page:

Step 5:
Schedule Training with Your Sales Team

Learning is a leading indicator to high Signal utilization.

Help your sellers understand:

  • What are Relationship Signals?
  • What value will they extract from these Signals? (WIFM)
  • How can they leverage these Signals to accelerate sales conversions?

Work with us to schedule a 30-minute training session with the sellers that will be actioning these Signals in-market.

Step 6:
Integrate Signals Into Your Sales Workflows

Deliver sales intelligence to your sellers at their point of need.

The Signal intelligence we provide you will be in .CSV format.

We work in partnership with your team to align that .CSV format to mirror your data uploader process. Whether your CRM or sales engagement platform, your Signal intelligence will become alerts and tasks directly into your sales workflow.

Best-in-class customers create campaigns and reports to track the activity and sales performance of their Signals.

Step 7:
Continuous Feedback

Every month we collaborate together on how to improve Signal Intelligence utilization and sales performance.

To achieve this, we update our Feedback Loop Survey as a best practice to improve the following:

  • Increase utilization and governance to actioning the Signal Intelligence
  • Improve the convertibility of these Signals into sales outcomes
  • Alter any changes to your TAM, ICP, named Accounts and/or sales plays
    – Ideate on product innovation ideas.


Your CSM will organize this Feedback Loop each month.

We’re excited to collaborate with you on your pipeline building journey!

If you need anything in the meantime, please email your key contact or CSM at Pipeline Signals.