Innovation Roadmap

We are a managed services company that serves YOU!
We are very open, collaborative and coachable—embodied from our 10 years of coaching experience with Sales for Life Inc.

Feature Request

Please take a moment to suggest a product innovation, and/or review the features we are crowdsourcing to improve your UX / CX experience.

Shopping Experience


Launch a Resource Library on website of training assets for sellers and program managers is live.

Launch a V2 – Global Command Center database that has bi-directional access. Customers have access to this portal to upload their TAM upon onboarding, can alter / edit their TAM and accounts in real-time, and can access their reports and dashboards.

Signal Mining

Diversify greater Time & Maturity Signals. Examples provided (IPO Preperation, M&A activity, Event registration and attendence on LinkedIn).

Relationship Signals – Reverse engineer our customers ELT team members, and map their connections to Prospect & Customer Accounts for referral introductions.

Time & Maturity Signals – Examples provided (IPO Preparation, M&A activity, Event registration and attendance on LinkedIn).

Data Transfer

Workflow Integration

Zapier Integrations with major CRMs and sales engagement tools. V1 integrations from .CSV to tools, and V2 integrations from our Global Command Center database to tools.

Seller Utilization

Create a Customer Report Card for each monthly Feedback Loop call. Provide reports on seller utilization of the Daily Coaching Hotline and Signal activity.

Add links to applicable “How To” videos in the Tasks / Open Activities for the sellers. As they action a Signal, they have a video on what to do next.

Feedback Loop

Latest Innovation

Provide email verification for all applicable Signals. This will enable more effective Unique Contact ID and campaigning for customers.

Update account uploading template to capture Account ID from a customers CRM and Seller ID numbers to map Accounts-to-Seller routing.

Update the Signal Survey and account uploading template to highlight which divisions / BU’s within an account to mine Signals.

Document on our Signals sheet the anticipated next Signals delivery date (day or week range) to keep both parties notified and accountable for next steps.

Update the Signal Survey to all Job Change relevancy (last 90 days, or last 365 days).

Finalize Recurly integration to accept monthly recurring credit card payments.

Auto-populate calender invites and pre-secheduled monthly feedback loop calls with program managers directly in the onboarding process.

Update the Signal Survey and account uploading template to map “Years of Relevancy” for Past/Active Customers.

Develop a definitive best practices guide and template system for Data Uploader into