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Compelling Event Signals

Why, What, How?


Did you know that 64% of your sales team’s time is spent on tasks that aren’t directly related to selling?

On top of that, the average seller spends half a day every week researching accounts and prospects.

Your Sellers Are Trained to Sell,
Not to Research.

Most revenue teams aren’t trained to spot Signals, so they just do what they’ve traditionally done: Make cold calls, send out emails, and prospect, prospect, prospect—every single day, with unpredictable levels of success.

Get access to Signals from LinkedIn
and beyond.

This allows your sellers to spend less time researching and chasing leads that lead to nowhere.

This cuts your sellers’ prospecting time and the amount of effort that they put into it by a significant margin.

Do you really need Signals?

YES, if you identify with the following behaviors:
You’re not getting the most out of your sales intelligence tools because your sales team can’t afford to spend too much time doing research. After all, they are sellers, not researchers.

By nurturing existing accounts—and not just looking for new ones—you can open up a world of opportunities that are already within your reach.

In addition, your customers will feel well taken care of, minimizing customer churn risk.

Without a Signal Intelligence monitoring system, you could lose hundreds to thousands of account opportunities.

With the help of Signals, your sellers can implement a more focused way of prospecting, which utilizes their time more efficiently, leading to an increase in per seller yield.


Your sales team is only capturing
a portion of global sales opportunities.

A piece of a puzzle

Signals are everywhere if you just know how and where to look for them.

Your company may be leveraging Buying Intent or Product Usage Signals today. That’s great!

You are now seeing a piece to a puzzle in your accounts. Unfortunately, your global sales force is unable to showcase in their territory, thus your global TAM.

Here are some examples of Compelling Events Signals that you might be missing out on:

  • Every key stakeholder that’s new to their role this week
  • Every key stakeholder that’s left their role this week
  • Every advocate that left a happy customer to join a prospect or existing customer
  • Every job posting that highlights a need for your solution
  • Every job posting that highlights an interest in your competitors
  • Every new key stakeholder that was previously employed by your competitor
  • Every key stakeholder in all your accounts that have skills, certifications, or project experience with your competitors

Signals Quadrant: Conversions vs Urgency

Which Signals are critical to my pipeline generation efforts?

Signals Quadrant

Types of Compelling Event Signals:

Competitive Signals

Tracks the presence of competitors and their influence on your target, named, or customer accounts.

Time & Maturity Signals

Targets key stakeholders who join or leave your accounts, as they will inevitably start, stop, or pause projects, bringing new processes and perspectives with them along the way.

Relationship Signals

Focuses on decision-makers within your existing network to create opportunities with a higher possibility of converting into sales.

Compelling Event Signals eBook

Interested in learning more about Compelling Event Signals?

Stakeholders leaving/joining accounts, departmental growth, past advocates—these are just some examples of Compelling Event Signals that we monitor. 

Download our eBook to find out what other Signals we monitor.


Boost Pipeline and Reduce Risk by Harnessing the Power of Signals.

We leverage science-backed, proven sales methods to deliver you Signal Intelligence on the cadence you need, in your sales platform of record.

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Managed Service

Account Monitoring

Existing, Prospective, and Whitespace Accounts

Every account, every day – change is the one constant.

Ensure you never miss an opportunity or risk again within your global account base and/or Total Addressable Market.


Map Your Accounts

Best-in-class customers recognize that the best sales opportunities are close relationships within their customer base.

You provide us with a list of existing, past, and prospective accounts you want to monitor. If there are accounts in your TAM that you don’t know (i.e., Whitespace), we’ll monitor that too.

Our onboarding process will walk you through this step.


Mining Accounts for Signals

Data alone is just that: data. We’ll mine the accounts you provide us with Compelling Event Signals and cleanse the data to provide only what is relevant.


Integrate Signals into your sales workflow

Finally, we hand the Signals over to you, allowing your sellers to be more efficient in their prospecting. Signals will help them spend time and energy on leads that are most likely to convert.

Territory Mapping

Your Total Addressable Market (TAM)

Market research is crucial to a company’s growth. With a visual overview of your Total Addressable Market, or TAM, you’ll be able to see which accounts to prioritize in just a few seconds.

Global Account Research

Find more opportunities and strengthen relationships within existing accounts with an in-depth total addressable market study of your priority accounts.

Market Research

Expanding into another territory requires a thorough study of its market. This information can help build your case and justify business decisions.


Map your Target Buyers and Total Addressable Market (TAM)

Before we start, we need to make sure that you know exactly what you’re looking for. Provide us with information about your ideal buyer profile, as well as the keywords, territories, and accounts you’d like to target.

Our onboarding process will walk you through this step.


Mine & Prioritize Accounts based on Signals

We are simultaneously mining your TAM to accurately map your total selling universe while helping segment and prioritize these accounts based on Signal Intelligence.

Best-in-class customers have created tier groupings of accounts based on Time & Maturity Signals, such as departmental headcount growth and/or departmental investments into key stakeholder positions.


Integrate the TAM Accounts into your sales workflow

We’ll use the information you’ve provided about your target market and accounts to extract three main types of Compelling Event Signals: Competitive Intelligence, Relationship Roadmaps, and Time & Maturity Signals.

Your sellers can use these Signals to prioritize the leads which they should take action on, conserving their time and effort.

is the right partner for you if:

You need your sellers to sell more and research less.

Time is finite. You want your sellers to spend as much time as possible in market.

Give time back to your sellers by providing them with Signals that have already been meticulously researched by our trained data analysts.

Your sales team is facing a growth slump.

You went after accounts you knew you wanted, and now your list has run dry. 

If your sellers are struggling to find new accounts, and even grow accounts, your revenue will probably plateau.

Mapping your TAM and monitoring your accounts is a smart and efficient way to unravel more opportunities.

You want results.
And you want them now.

Within weeks your sales team is executing in-market and creating sales opportunities.

We are providing your sales team the highest quality Compelling Event Signals to action – today.






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  • Up to 1,000 Signals
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  • Up to 3,000 Signals
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US$ 4,000 Monthly
  • 5,000 Accounts Monitored
  • Up to 5,000 Signals
  • Delivered Once a Month


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Up the delivery cadence of your Signals!

Give your sellers the latest Signals on their accounts as soon as we find them. 

Choose your preferred delivery cadence from these add-ons:

  • Weekly Delivery – add US$750 to monthly subscription
  • Daily Delivery – add US$1,500 to monthly subscription

Stop missing out on sales opportunities that already exist in your current network.