Welcome to Pipeline Signals

Why You’re Here

In 2012, nearly 75% of B2B salespeople globally made their annual quota. In 2020, this number is hovering around 50%.

What happened in less than a decade to cause only half of salespeople to make quota?

Research strongly illustrates that it’s time management. In fact, of the sellers that didn’t make quota, time management was the primary cause.

When we say “time management”, we don’t mean “not working hard”. Instead, it means working on accounts and activities that have a lower chance of conversion.

If you’re reading this, there is a very high likelihood that B2B sellers on your team – right now – are focused on pursuing people and accounts that, quite frankly, don’t have any interest in doing business with you.

Let’s change that.

Instead, let’s focus on prospecting those that are clearly demonstrating signs of interest.

Without a meaningful sales pipeline or prospecting strategy, your sales team, business and overall performance are in jeopardy. In fact, no pipeline equals no sales.

We understand that you’re not a researcher; you’re a professional salesperson! Let us take the research off your plate.

Welcome to Pipeline Signals: we help B2B sellers boost pipeline by focusing you on people, accounts and situations that have a likelihood of conversion. We do this by providing you insights that get you hyper-focused on things that matter.

An Overview of Signals

By the time B2B sellers and their frontline managers discuss sales pipeline, it’s a lagging indicator activity.

But what if you could get ahead of your accounts and find leading indicators of opportunities?

That’s what we’re here to provide. Think of signals as an insurance policy to uncover potential opportunities or risks in advance.

Not only does this help save an immense amount of time and energy, it enables focused prospecting at scale for the entire organization.

We’ll be mining and researching your active customer, prospect and competitors accounts for the Relationship Signals on a regular basis.

Customer Relationships

Sometimes key stakeholders leave an existing customer account and join a target or prospect account.

Of all the contacts you may target in this account, these stakeholders should have high priority and urgency.

When key stakeholders leave customer accounts, where are they headed? And, can you leverage a former commercial relationship to open a new door?

This signal enables this and should have high priority and urgency.

“Birds of a feather, flock together”. Key stakeholders tend to recruit teams, not just individuals to round out their departments. This creates a cluster of past customer advocates in specific accounts. Do you know which accounts these are?

Competitor Relationships

While competitors joining accounts may seem minimal, it’s an activity that happens much more frequently than we realize. These people bring pre-existing preferences with them.

Leverage this signal to qualify and validate your solution and protect the account from potential risk or churn.

Wouldn’t it be wise to know if key stakeholders in your target, prospect or customer accounts are connecting with a competitor’s salespeople?

By utilizing this signal, you can take action on protecting a deal or renewal.

Pending Relationships - Compelling Events

New account stakeholders or decision makers are most likely to have new budget and open to learning about new vendors or meeting their existing ones.

Use this signal to provide value and gain entry early.

When people leave accounts, they often take priorities with them. The chance they’ll alert you of their departure is minimal.

This signal helps you discover potential risk and get ahead of it.

Alumni networks and affinity are a very real thing in business today, especially B2B sales.

This signal tracks if stakeholders from your College/University are in key accounts that matter to you. If so, it can be a fast door opener.

Getting ahead of account growth or reduction can mean big things for your solution.

Leverage this signal to have smart, effective and timely sales conversations.

Proactively gain awareness of what job role/department is hiring key stakeholders. What intelligence can you glean around that department’s growth, talent replacement, key initiatives and tools/technologies leveraged?

Step 1:
Attend Your Signals Activation Session

You’ll soon be invited to a Signals Activation Session. Here you’ll learn about:

  • What signals are
  • How to convert them into active sales conversations and pipeline
  • How we can help you


Be sure to attend this session live, watch a recording, or join us for private coaching to get you activated on your journey!

Step 2:
Utilize Daily Coaching

Once you start receiving signals, you might have questions that are use-case specific.

To help, we’re giving you access to Daily Coaching. We’re available Monday to Friday for private and one-on-one calls to help you strategize and brainstorm.

Book time with us here:

Step 3:
Action & Relevancy Feedback

It’s important to action all the signals we’re providing. Remember, the data strongly indicates you’ve got a chance to convert these into sales meetings and pipeline.

Secondly, share feedback on the relevancy of signals we’re providing.

By filling out the Quick Change Survey, we can adjust our data analysis and improve the quality of the Signals we deliver to you.


Step 4:

Once you’re using signals actively, we’ll be providing further reinforcement in the following ways.

  1. Live session training.
  2. A growing resource library of signal activation content.
  3. Invitations to live interactive webinars, podcasts and more.
  4. Private one-on-one coaching sessions. Book a time.


In short, your learning and execution should never stop. Your pipeline depends on it!

Step 5:
Next Steps, Help, and Support

We hope you’re excited to start! Here are some next steps for you to review.

  1. Attend a live Signal Activation Session.
  2. Access our learning library when it’s available to you.
  3. Remember to book coaching time with us as needed.
  4. If you need help, email your CSM for personalized support.

We’re grateful that you’re here and our team is here to serve you and make this a fun and enjoyable experience.

We hope you’re excited to take prospecting to the next level!