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The Problem We Solve

We enable Sales & Customer Success teams to find intelligent Relationship Signals in their accounts to drive pipeline growth.

Former customers are 3-5X more likely to buy from you. With the average professional switching jobs often, remonetizing existing relationships is an important growth driver.


New stakeholders create 75% of their budget in the first 3 Quarters of joining. Networking with them improves revenue performance.

Signals We Monitor in Accounts

You’ve heard of cybersecurity monitoring. We do the same but for Relationship Signals in accounts that matter to you.
Never miss an opportunity again. We track the following Signals for your team.

Customers Moving Into Prospect Accounts

Imagine there was a group of people that were 3-5 times more likely to buy from you. These are your past or present customer stakeholders! We’ll alert you every time they join prospect, named, or customer accounts.

Customers Moving into Net New Accounts

This signal tracks key stakeholders leaving your customer base and entering accounts you've never even considered. They fit your ideal customer profile, but because your team has never pursued them in the past, they're not in your database. We'll notify you of every opportunity in these Greenfield accounts.

Customers Being Promoted Within Accounts

When people get promoted into positions of influence, they become stakeholders. They now impact budgets and decision-making. Aligning with them helps boost sales pipeline!

Customers Leaving Accounts

When people leave accounts, their priorities often leave with them. Knowing this can help mitigate risk by protecting forecasted pipeline deals and retention efforts.

Stakeholders Being Hired In Accounts

When someone with a Director-level title or higher joins an account, they help create, influence, and deploy up to 70% of their budget within 100 days. Aligning to them helps boost sales pipeline and overall growth objectives.

Stakeholders Being Promoted within In Accounts

Getting a promotion can make someone a fantastic stakeholder! Not only do they now influence budgets and decisions, they know their company culture and can be a great advocate for you.

Competitors Moving Into Accounts

Competitors can sometimes derail forecasted deals and impact churn rates. With this signal, you’ll be able to mitigate risk quickly. Know when competitors join or exist in your prospect, named, or customer accounts.

How We Do It

Our process comes in the form of a Feedback Loop.
This means that it is a never-ending workflow – as soon as we finish with a round of signal delivery and execution, we provide personalized coaching and feedback. Then, we start working with the next timeline of signals for your accounts. And the cycle repeats itself: an unlimited source of opportunities for your revenue team.

Why Pipeline Signals?

Today, not tomorrow.

Never miss a Relationship sales opportunity again.
Stop missing pipeline-generating opportunities.
7 out of 10 account signals are being missed by revenue teams.
Your revenue team:
  • Doesn’t know how

  • Doesn’t have time

  • Doesn’t make time

Whatever the reason, your sales pipeline and customer retention rate are affected if you miss out.

Integrate this sales intelligence immediately into your workflows.
We’ll integrate signals into any system that you prefer
Marketing Automation
Sales Engagement Platforms
Receive this sales intelligence in any workflow format.
We also partner with you to determine your best routing rules.
Consistent Training &
Data by itself is meaningless.
Your revenue team needs world-class digital training to convert signals into revenue-generating conversations.
We offer daily 1-on-1 coaching + training that drives real results.