Every Account, Mined for More Opportunities.
See every relationship happening to thousands of your accounts – live in your CRM.

Take control of your market. Make better and faster decisions. All possible through complete visibility of account changes at scale.
Buy Back Your Sellers’ Time.
You pay your sellers to sell, not to research.

Partner with us to mine sales opportunities and identify threats from LinkedIn on your behalf.
Never Miss an Opportunity on LinkedIn Again.
The opportunity cost of missing sales opportunities and threats in your accounts is too great. Identify new sales opportunities and prevent customer churn. Faster. Better. At scale.

Change the way you sell with Relationship Signal monitoring through LinkedIn.


A Platform Built to Monitor 100% of Your Accounts, Mining LinkedIn for Opportunities & Possible Risks.

What We Do

Relationship Signal Intelligence monitoring through LinkedIn

Gain an asymmetric advantage over your competition.
Partner with us to be consistently mining for Compelling Event Signals throughout your entire account list.

We mine account and contact data from LinkedIn and turn it into prescriptive sales intelligence (sales plays) for your sales team.

We partner with you to alert your sales team of these opportunities and threats in their accounts using your existing sales workflows.

You have complete visibility and control of the constant changes in LinkedIn within your CRM or sales engagement tools.

Do you want to learn how to scale across your entire global account list?

Do you leverage Buying Intent or Product Usage data for Sales Intelligence?

Compelling Events. We are the missing piece in your puzzle. Fulfill your world-class ABM / ABX sales strategy today.

Your Sellers
Are Trained to Sell,
Not to Research.

Buy back their time.
Leave the data mining for
sales opportunities vs. risk to us.

How We Do It

We find the Signals your sales team can’t. At scale.

We are analysts who are an extension of your sales team.

Our process ensures we mine and identify Relationship Signals better, faster, and cheaper than trying to tackle this challenge on your own. The end result? Signal Alerts within your sales workflow to highlight more opportunities & threats in your accounts.


Global Visibility
= More Opportunities

Your sellers only see or care about their accounts. They lack the visibility to map every customer and how they affect every prospect. Where has every past customer advocate migrated globally in the last 12 months?

We leverage our Global Command Center to mine and monitor 100% of your customers, prospects, and whitespace for Relationship Signal Intelligence.

Never miss a sales opportunity & threat from LinkedIn again.


Sales Plays. Not Just Data.

Changes in LinkedIn are merely data points.

We compile those data points to provide you with an account story. Our signals become actionable intelligence to fuel your account plan.


Prescriptive Action
and Support

Our actionable sales intelligence provides the following to each of your sellers:

  • Account Opportunity or Threat Details
  • Key Stakeholder Change Details
  • Prescriptive Sales Play Details
  • Examples of How to Engage
  • Access to our Coaches for guidance and support


These insights, at scale, help your Revenue Operations team make informed decisions:

Which accounts should we be focused on today, not tomorrow? (a.k.a. Account Prioritization) What sales plays are creating the most significant sales impact at scale?

An Overview of Signals

By the time B2B sellers and their frontline managers discuss sales pipeline, it’s a lagging indicator activity.

But what if you could get ahead of your accounts and find leading indicators of opportunities?

That’s what we’re here to provide. Think of signals as an insurance policy to uncover potential opportunities or risks in advance.

Not only does this help save an immense amount of time and energy, it enables focused prospecting at scale for the entire organization.

We’ll be mining and researching your active customer, prospect and competitors accounts for the Relationship Signals on a regular basis.

Customer Relationships

Sometimes key stakeholders leave an existing customer account and join a target or prospect account.

Of all the contacts you may target in this account, these stakeholders should have high priority and urgency.

When key stakeholders leave customer accounts, where are they headed? And, can you leverage a former commercial relationship to open a new door?

This signal enables this and should have high priority and urgency.

“Birds of a feather, flock together”. Key stakeholders tend to recruit teams, not just individuals to round out their departments. This creates a cluster of past customer advocates in specific accounts. Do you know which accounts these are?

Competitor Relationships

While competitors joining accounts may seem minimal, it’s an activity that happens much more frequently than we realize. These people bring pre-existing preferences with them.

Leverage this signal to qualify and validate your solution and protect the account from potential risk or churn.

Wouldn’t it be wise to know if key stakeholders in your target, prospect or customer accounts are connecting with a competitor’s salespeople?

By utilizing this signal, you can take action on protecting a deal or renewal.

Pending Relationships - Compelling Events

New account stakeholders or decision makers are most likely to have new budget and open to learning about new vendors or meeting their existing ones.

Use this signal to provide value and gain entry early.

When people leave accounts, they often take priorities with them. The chance they’ll alert you of their departure is minimal.

This signal helps you discover potential risk and get ahead of it.

Alumni networks and affinity are a very real thing in business today, especially B2B sales.

This signal tracks if stakeholders from your College/University are in key accounts that matter to you. If so, it can be a fast door opener.

Getting ahead of account growth or reduction can mean big things for your solution.

Leverage this signal to have smart, effective and timely sales conversations.

Proactively gain awareness of what job role/department is hiring key stakeholders. What intelligence can you glean around that department’s growth, talent replacement, key initiatives and tools/technologies leveraged?

Buy back your sellers’ time.
Let your sellers focus on SELLING.

Global Command Center

Mine and monitor your accounts at scale

Sales Intelligence

Turn data into prescriptive sales plays to increase account activation

Opportunity Cost

Prevent missing an opportunity or risks in your accounts

LinkedIn Insurance

Make valuable Linkedin data finally work for you

Focus on the right accounts

Improve sales conversions and win rates


Your revenue team’s definitive guide to focused prospecting

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