4 Ways Revenue Teams Can Increase ROI with Time Signals

4 Ways Revenue Teams Can Increase ROI with Time Signals

Most salespeople make random cold calls and emails, hoping that someone will respond and be interested in what they have to offer. But timing is typically the missing ingredient for many B2B sales strategies. The most challenging aspect of sales is finding the proper consumers to sell to Time Signals and selling to them at the correct time. 

Timing is critical in the world of the B2B sales process. For this reason, organizations rely on a variety of compelling event signals, or trigger signals, to meet and exceed sales targets and achieve above-average results. Marketing and sales teams rely extensively on various signals to alert them that now is the perfect moment to contact their prospects and close more deals because of an event.

There are several types of Signals that salespeople can track to prioritize their efforts and improve their B2B sales techniques. Time Signals are one of them.

What Are Time Signals?

Time Signals are events that signify an opportunity for you to contact a prospect as a salesperson. Time Signals allow you to predict when a firm will require your service or product so you can focus on the accounts that are most likely to convert into potential customers right now.

However, most of these signals aren’t as simple as a tweet or LinkedIn post. To notice the subtle changes that might warm up a cold outreach, you’ll need to tune into the correct channels.

So, how and where do these time signals appear?

Opening Up Sales Opportunities Through Time Signals

Company expansion or relocation, mergers or acquisitions, new product/service announcements, increased business expenses, layoffs, or a change in marketing channel are the most common time signals for customer prospecting. Almost any change or development in the industry, market, or within the organization itself can signal the start of a sales cycle.

Has there been a recent shift in managerial strategy? Perhaps the company entered a new market. Or maybe you’ve seen a change in your consumer base, or perhaps in your sales?

Rounds of funding, awards and honors, and recognition are all events that require your attention. These events are opportunities for you to present your solution to another company.

Here are a few Time Signals that you can use to generate new sales leads and enhance your B2B sales strategies.

#1: Organizational Changes

This category includes changes within the company’s organizational roles or structure and its hiring velocity. For one, a recently appointed high-level manager has plenty of power and a desire to shake things up. They’re more open to new ideas than other business leaders because they don’t have established traditions in their new organization and are trying to prove their worth immediately. It’s the ideal opportunity for you to make your pitch.

But pay attention not only to changes in executive leadership but also to new responsibilities that indicate new strategies. Keep in mind that persons who have never had a predecessor are allowed to start their divisions however they like. Take advantage of the opportunity to get in on the ground level.

Any major shift in hiring can be a worthy trigger event: whether the company is recruiting new talent or making massive layoffs.

On the other hand, a happy client changing jobs or transferring to a new company may also signify Time Signals. Call out to see if they’d like to take your product or service with them. They’d be eager to spread the word in their new role if your offering made them appear suitable in their previous one.

#2: Business Expansion 

New challenges arise when a potential partner enters a new market or ventures into uncharted territory when it launches a new product or service. This means new issues to deal with. This is a perfect atmosphere to tap into the opportunity. Uncharted terrain necessitates new sorts of assistance and possibly new vendors.

If your prospect has recently landed a large account, they’re about to get a lot more money. You can suggest your product or services at this stage. 

If your prospective client opens a new office location, it demands a large number of new supplies and services. This might also be a key upsell or introduction opportunity, depending on your product or service.

#3: Business Strategies

Draw insights from a social post or a change in social media behavior regarding your prospect’s new organization strategy or initiatives. Discover which projects are financed and which are being postponed or scrapped outright. Buyers will be pleased with your supposedly psychic abilities if you can draw these insights (from a social post or a change in social media behavior) and position your offering correctly.

You should also take notice of the events being organized by a potential client. Are they hosting a conference or other types of events? 

Moreover, every industry has news and updates that create a lot of buzz within the industry but barely register with the rest of the world. Make sure you’re keeping track of these events, whatever they are.

#4: Company Performance

Is the company making a big profit? Then they’ll be more open to projects that can help them stay on track for success or accelerate their growth.

What if the business is losing money quickly? Do you have a product or service that might be able to buck the trend?

Stay up to date when prospects receive awards as well. It feels nice to be recognized inside an organization’s industry or specialty. Reach out while they’re on a high and tell them how you can assist them in keeping ahead of the competition.

Keep an eye on the company’s press coverage, too. A story from a third-party magazine, whether positive or negative, will put a specific light on a corporation. Be present to assist them in building on a positive impression or changing a negative one.

If a prospect somehow expresses that it isn’t working out with their current partner, take advantage of it. Keep in mind that this could manifest itself in ways other than a simple social media post; seek news articles or monitor legal actions that indicate a deteriorating relationship.

If a business is fined for noncompliance, it will seek out a product or service that will keep them out of trouble in the future. The person who can swoop in and offer assistance amid a tragedy will most likely become their hero.

To Summarize

By organizing your sales efforts based on Time Signals, you’ll be able to prioritize the most critical accounts at the perfect time, allowing you to have more efficient and productive B2B sales techniques. 

Time Signals not only assist you in identifying the best leads to chase right now, but they also assist you in having more meaningful interactions with them. You may adjust your pitch to their current situation based on these Signals. The prospect will get the impression that you know what they’re talking about, which is crucial for building confidence, trust, and credibility.

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