About Us

Our mission is to help B2B revenue teams create more sales pipeline with learning, enablement and sales intelligence.

Helping to Solve The Pipeline Problem

The single mission for every professional B2B seller and sales leader worldwide is to make the number.


But this is getting harder. Pipeline development problems persist in the era of increasingly isolated and self-empowered buyers.


That’s where we come in.


We’ve created learning and sales intelligence solutions to help account-based sellers close the pipeline gap.

The Dilemma with Pipeline Development

Jamie Shanks, CEO


Amar Sheth, COO

The Founders

Jamie Shanks and Amar Sheth are global innovators of social selling, pioneering the methods that large and global brands use to enable their B2B revenue teams.


Over the past decade, they operated the world’s largest social selling learning company, Sales for Life, training/developing curriculum for 600+ organizations and 500,000+ sellers globally.


With Pipeline Signals, they offer learning solutions and sales intelligence, all in the pursuit of pipeline creation.


Connect with them on LinkedIn today and use them as a resource any time.  They’re here to serve you.

Self-Source Pipeline at Scale