About Us

About Us

A Game-Changing Discovery

Meet the number: this is the single mission for every professional seller and sales leader worldwide.
But meeting the number is getting harder with the years. In fact, like you, we’ve observed that only about half of salespeople are making their annual number. And when we inspect the core reason, it’s because individual salespeople are making decisions to spend time on leads, accounts, and people that don’t really go anywhere.
This is where we come in.
Pipeline Signals finds and delivers sales intelligence with a higher likelihood of conversion. And we back this up with world-class training and coaching, helping to utilize the intelligence.
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Meet the Founders

Jamie Shanks and Amar Sheth are global innovators of social selling, pioneering a method of B2B selling in the digital landscape that no one has implemented before. They founded and operated Sales for Life, the largest sales training agency in the world.
Over the past decade, they have trained and mentored over half a million sales professionals in social selling and smarter prospecting.
And now they’re automating smarter prospecting signals to help salespeople even more. They’re committed to making your pipeline growth easier, faster, and possible with the help of Relationship Signals.
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Jamie Shanks

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Amar Sheth


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