About Us

Pipeline Signals was born out of our passion for helping revenue teams succeed.

Our company represents the thousands of sellers and sales teams that need help selecting, prioritizing, and segmenting their accounts based on Signal Intelligence from LinkedIn. We created this company to save you time and help you open doors significantly faster.

We were founded by Jamie Shanks and Amar Sheth, who are both owners of the global sales training company Sales for Life. The Signal Intelligence (sales plays) that we mine from LinkedIn directly correlates to the sales impact created by thousands of certified sellers globally.


The seeds were planted

In early 2019, Sales for Life launched its second book, SPEAR Selling.

In “Chapter 5: Sphere of Influence Complementing Existing Sales Territory Plans”, Jamie Shanks proposes that Signals can be mined and controlled from a centralized hub.

Jamie argued that time management and labor arbitrage are critical considerations when evaluating an enterprise sales team comprised of hundreds of sellers spending their time mining sales intelligence from LinkedIn.

The alternative suggested was to evaluate lower-cost resources to mine (labor arbitrage gains) while ensuring 100% market coverage (risk mitigation).

Weeks after the book launches, a cybersecurity customer asks Sales for Life to develop a centralized model within their organization. This would have a handful of BDR/SDRs mine and monitor 100% of their market for Signal Intelligence in a hub and spoke model.

Alpha & beta testing

Thesis: Can we mine and monitor a customer’s entire account list for Signal Intelligence with excellent unit economics and seller utilization?

We decided to test our thesis. We developed a simple Alpha group of customers to provide Signals to each month. The results were precise – we could mine and monitor Signals better, faster, and cheaper than any company could execute on their own.

We then moved to Beta testing. We built a Google Sheet template that included a dashboard and CRM Data Uploader file for each customer’s Signal Intelligence Report. We provided Signals to existing Sales for Life customers upon completion of their sales training. Signals would be a reinforcement reward for those successfully certified accounts.

Winning our first group of customers

Pipeline Signals was born.

We registered the company and began winning net new customers. Every week, we launch new UX/CX innovations to inch towards a better experience to keep our customers successful for years to come.

Here are customers that took the leap of faith with a new company to gain a competitive advantage in their market:

Think of Signals like GPS software in your car. It’s a lot easier and faster to get to where you need to go–even if it’s your first time in an area–if a data-backed and systematic assistant is guiding you along the way. That’s how Signals work. They show you not just the easy way–they guide you towards the direction of leads that are most likely to convert.

And it’s not all magic and rainbows. Signals come from actual data. Data that already exists in your work processes, in your systems, in your network. PipelineSignals comes into the scene and gathers the right data for you, hints towards which prospects are worth going after, gives you a heads up whenever there’s a red flag or risk in sight (even before you see it!), and opens doors for new sales opportunities. Put all of these things together and you’ve got an insured way of growing your sales pipeline.

This allows your sales team to focus on what they do best: Selling. It eliminates hours, day in and day out, spent on prospecting only to end up with uninterested leads.

Most of all, it improves your sellers’ ability to meet and exceed quota, close more deals, and skyrocket your profit monthly. With the right Signals to help you out, you’ll grow your pipeline and maintain healthy, satisfying relationships with your current accounts.