Are You Using InMail Yet? Here’s What You’re Missing Out On

Are You Using InMail Yet? Here’s What You’re Missing Out On

Why Using InMail? LinkedIn is a vital resource for recruiters and hiring managers who want to build connections and find job candidates. While the platform can be leveraged in many different ways, one of the most underutilized options is InMail. In this article, we’ll explain what InMail is, how you can use it, and why it’s an essential tool in your recruitment toolkit.

Using InMail Reach Anyone on LinkedIn

Reach Anyone on LinkedIn

If you’re a Premium account holder with LinkedIn, you can access InMail. InMail is a feature that allows you to send messages directly to other users on LinkedIn, even if they don’t have a Premium account.

InMail messages are sent directly through LinkedIn’s servers, so they’re more secure than spammy email or text messages. And because it’s a message sent directly from LinkedIn, it looks professional and polished—like you’re reaching out from within the app itself.

Using InMail is easy: just click on the “Connect” button next to any profile on LinkedIn and then select “Send InMail.” You’ll be able to write your message in an email-style format, and when you’re ready, hit Send!

Customized Messaging

If you’re among the 16% of marketers with one or more job openings, you must have an automated recruitment communication tool. InMail messages allow you to send critical messages and information to candidates before they contact your team. This helps create a seamless process from candidate inquiry to hiring.

InMail gives you a fighting chance when scoring an interview opportunity with that top talent by offering more options to personalize your reach-out. With a single click, you can uncover new skills and experience, eliminate unnecessary steps in the hiring process, automate messages based on cases and work preferences, and expand your outreach beyond your network.

Tracking the Effectiveness of Your Messages

Did you know that InMail messages are a great way to reach potential candidates? InMail is an excellent tool for recruiting. Since it was first launched, it can now be tracked and measured to tell if the message was delivered and opened by the person you sent it to.

You can now see how many times each person you’ve reached out to has opened, clicked, and responded to your message. This is especially useful if you’re trying to reach out to people who are very busy or challenging to get in touch with.

Using InMail Better Outreach Strategy

Better Outreach Strategy

You can see which messages are performing the best, which are getting opened, and which are being clicked. 

You can see how many recipients opened each message in their inbox and what they did with it—clicked on a link or replied to the message. In addition, you’ll see which emails were opened directly from your InMail campaign and which were opened by recipients after clicking through from another email source.

This allows you to decide better what content goes into your following message and how you craft it.

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