The B2B Sales
Content Sharing Index

The definitive resource for B2B sales content sharing effectiveness.

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Content Sharing Leads to Better Sales Performance

Sharing content isn’t just a “nice-to” or “optional” activity for B2B sellers. Marketers realize that there are major reasons for sales to be sharing content regularly.

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of buyers choose salespeople that are first to add value & insight.

95 growth


 of prospects became customers when sales provided content & education at every stage of the buying journey.

How Do You Stack Up?

We’ve prepared the world’s first B2B Sales Content Sharing Index to help you measure the impact of your employee advocacy and sales sharing campaigns.

An important part of social selling requires sellers to educate their social networks to positively impact sales velocity and deal sizes.

About The Index

Here are some quick facts about The B2B Sales Content Sharing Index.


  1. The index is updated twice per year.
  2. We evaluate up to 100 random sellers on your team who have a presence on LinkedIn.
  3. Sellers must share industry or work-related content at least twice per week.
  4. We’ll keep adding companies to the Index during major updates.

Self-Source Pipeline at Scale