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Customer Stories - Celestica

About Celestica

Celestica is an industry leader in industrial manufacturing, design, and supply chain solutions on a global scale. They are involved from the very early steps of the process to production and after-market services. As a result, Celestica has become a frontrunner in its field in North America, Europe, and Asia.


The company works together with the world’s best. Its approach has always focused on the customer and, as a result, has become a choice partner in delivering solutions to the most complex challenges. As a result, Celestica has proven itself as a global leader in design, manufacturing, hardware platform, and supply chain solutions.

Target Audience

Celestica focuses on Fortune 500 companies and professionals in industrial design, manufacturing, hardware platform, and supply chain solutions.






Quality Assurance


Supply Chain



Why Focus On Relationship Signals?

Celestica has 3-year sale cycles, so the seeds they plant today bear fruit years into the future. When they see compelling events happen, they see opportunity. For instance, when somebody leaves their customers, they see a chance to partner with them to help them get running faster, better, and cheaper.


They also target new key stakeholders, knowing they need to plant the seeds of inception early. Finally, Celestica works to get those key stakeholders thinking about their new product lines and how they can use them to scale (and scale quickly), especially when the stakeholders are new to their role.

Customer Stories - Celestica

How Was Success Measured?

Opening New Doors to Businesses They Struggled With Previously

Celestica is a mature business in a mature
industry. Still, with the help of Signals, they’re now opening new doors because they’re watching people leave their customer base and move into accounts they’ve been trying to activate for years.

Finding New Business in Existing Accounts

They’re measuring this through their ability to open new doors to existing customers for upselling and cross-selling.

Customer Stories - Celestica

What Change Management Occurred?

Celestica’s ability to make Signals a part of their top-of-the-month, monthly habit is the biggest and most significant change that occurred. They get their signals monthly, look through their accounts, and Signals help them with their monthly account prioritization. As a result, Celestica can open the door to a new division, where they can speak to new executives.
They’ve become accustomed to receiving this report every month, which centers their way of organizing their prospecting for the entire month, focusing on executives changing roles and priorities as their catalyst for prospecting.

What’s Next?

Celestica has scaled this strategy from one division (ATS) to a new division (CCS). This has allowed them to ensure that other divisions aren’t missing these opportunities, which they are presently monitoring worldwide.

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