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About Crownpeak

Crownpeak is a digital experience platform sold in marketing and IT. Retailers, financial institutions, healthcare, and other verticals choose this enterprise digital experience platform (DXP) as it equips enterprise teams with powerful tools to create inclusive, omnichannel experiences with speed and simplicity.

Target Audience

Crownpeak focuses on the experiential marketing department within Fortune 2000 companies, focusing on “anything that moves” in these industries.



financial institution

Banks / Financial Institutions


Healthcare / Hospitals

consumer goods




Why Focus On Relationship Signals?

The organization built a BDR prospecting team to focus on named accounts and Greenfield. The named account sellers wanted to focus on higher converting opportunities and paired buying intent sales intelligence with our Relationship Signals. Together, the sales team could prioritize which named accounts had:


– A higher propensity to engage based on their buying behavior

– A higher propensity to engage because they were a past advocate/power user of the Crownpeak from their previous company


The Greenfield team had to find a way to focus their account selection and prioritization efforts. Relationship Signals helped them identify “needles in the haystack” and focus on accounts that had high proximity of past advocates in an account. These advocates will have brand recognition and can envision how Crownpeak could be successful in their new organization.

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How Was Success Measured?

Crownpeak needed more “at bats” and looked at net new conversations as the leading indicator. The Greenfield BDR team reported that the email-to-conversation conversion was completely different immediately after engaging their 1st batch of Signals. One of the BDRs proclaimed, “I couldn’t believe it. It seemed like each time I reached out to a Relationship Signal, I was starting a new conversation”.

The team realized that each Relationship Signal was, in fact, a previous Crownpeak customer, who changed jobs to a new company, and now was in a vital stakeholder position to evaluate their new company’s internal digital experience platform. This made for very simple but effective conversation starters. Without Pipeline Signals, though, there was no way they could monitor and mine hundreds of job changes per month on their own across their global TAM.

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What Change Management Occurred?

Prospecting is a focused endeavor. Between buying intent intelligence and Relationship sales intelligence, the prospecting account selection/prioritization is very objective. Now email cadences are developed to nurture past advocates in their new roles better, recognizing that these key stakeholders may be unable to impact change in their first 90 days but will plant the “seeds of inception” for other quarters.

What’s Next?

Crownpeak has expanded Signal Intelligence Monitoring into EMEA. Their EMEA team wants to select and prioritize their accounts with the same objective principles.

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