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Equipping ourselves with social selling skills is no longer optional in today's modern selling world. The Sales for Life team provided an impeccable, high-touch course for us to learn from, coupled with their 1:1 coaching and program certification. These latter elements really turned up an impact on our business. They ensured that not only were we learning, but also demonstrating that we'd learned and, critically, applying those learnings to how we sell.
David Jaggard
Vice President, Global Sales Operations
Wind River
The Digital Sales Mastery course has expanded my working knowledge of LinkedIn and how to engage with my contacts in a more meaningful way. I found the one-on-one training also very beneficial. The instructions on how to make quick, personalized videos is an invaluable tool for humanizing the sales process in our digital (and now socially distanced) time. I would highly recommend this course!
Liz Galvin
Account Executive
Citron Hygiene
The social selling course exceeded my highest expectations. Very well structured and very oriented towards practical results. All monitoring is excellent. The most important thing, at the end of the day, is that it is resulting in sales.
Pedro Campos
Business Development Manager
Digital selling is a subject that I identified as an area of focus for my 2020 plan. I loved that it was put together in a linear program for us, vs going down the rabbit hole of research. I've come away with some great tools to make me more effective in this area and I'm excited to see the results by way of my big fat paychecks!
Anne Woodruff
Team Lead, British Columbia
Citron Hygiene
Full portfolio coverage and prioritizing the accounts related to their consumption behaviour was an area that I liked. Using social media (LinkedIn) to communicate with customers was the best part of the trainingan area that I now frequently apply in my work.
Filiz babacan
Customer Success Manager
My favourite part of the Sales for life program? The videos and learning how to use the tools to share content. I also appreciated the way the coaches carried the lessons, citing useful examples, and how they showed us in real-time how things worked in LinkedIn.
Lourdes cessa
Area Sales Executive
In this program, the training was practical--they presented short theory, cited real-life examples, and taught us how to do the work online. The knowledge I gained was valuable. I learned how to improve my LinkedIn profile and how to use it to properly to get the most out of it. We were taught that "Video is King" - then, showed how easy it is to make a product videos regularly to customers. In addition, I love that fact that the recorded lessons are kept available for a period of 12 months.
Adam gozdowski
Sales Manager
I liked the "homework" assignments. I felt like going through projects individually after a session made me feel more proficient in them. The War Room exercise was probably the most helpfulit let me see the big picture of an account through multithreading, risk analysis, risk analysis, and upgrade potential.
Victoria natoli
Account Manager
User Zoom
I loved three things about the program. First, it was practical: the templates, plans, and approach to lead generation were all things I could put into practice right away. Second, it was clear: all of the content made sense and was intuitive from the get-go. No major salesy lingo or over-sophistication. Finally, it was realistic: the focus on the leads/customers in drive and reverse was helpful as it was realistic. Sellers have to prioritize their time and efforts on the most important customers/leads. This training helped make clear which leads to focus on and showed sales leadership that not all accounts may be worth spending tons of time on.
Austin Satrom
Customer Success Manager
I liked the Sales Navigator “Best Practices” best of all! I also loved the “Drive” Account Portfolio management discipline. I am spending more time with accounts that are moving the needle with potential. Amar and the entire team were great, pleasant instructors.
Tony Stein
Digital Customer Success
I loved the overall style of teaching on how to use social media to build my brand/presents. The team showed me the importance of breaking it down and know what people look at the most on LinkedIn. It was also helpful to learn how to find different websites (and resources) to get industry content to share.
Renee Mahoney
Business Development Executive

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Tony Cappabiance

Principal Business Development, SCHOTT