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Customer Stories - Smartling
About Smartling
Smartling is a cloud-based translation technology and language services company in New York City.
Smartling automatically translates digital content into foreign languages, and new content on client sites is flagged for translation and sent to translators for rewriting. Their process involves translation, a translation review, legal review, and editing.
Smartling does text translations as well as audio and video translations. Its enterprise platform and translation services are cloud-based services. Additionally, Smartling also developed a “Mobile Localization Solution” and “Mobile Delivery Network” platforms to make updates to translations and localized content independent of app updates.

Target Audience

Smartling focuses on Fortune 500 companies and professionals in industrial design, manufacturing, hardware platform, and supply chain solutions.





Product Manager


Content Director/Manager

Why Focus On Relationship Signals?

Smartling has seen opportunities to go after Greenfield markets that are creating new opportunities, such as SLED (state, local, and education) and FED.
Every month they create opportunities by watching localization managers, who look after language translation, leave their customers and go elsewhere. Now they can recognize this and do this at scale, never missing these opportunities.
The big thing is going after Greenfield. Smartling is already using UserGems to monitor the transactions, such as changes in human capital, going in, up, and around their database. But now they’re building their database and growing it with accounts they never thought about going after.
Customer Stories - Smartling

How Was Success Measured?

Smartling has acquired the ability to create opportunities in accounts they never knew existed.
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What Change Management Occurred?

Smartling has been using UserGems for monitoring their known universe. And now, they’re using Pipeline Signals for monitoring their unknown universe.

What’s Next?

Pipeline Signals continues to help them build a Total Addressable Market (TAM) map, where SLED and FED are enormous opportunities.

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