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Prevent Decay & Diminishing Returns in Your ABM Strategy

3% of Your Contacts Changes Each Month
Your database may be churning at 3% per month on average without you realizing it.
This has detrimental effects on campaigns, conversion rates, ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) and ROI.
Best-in-class customers leverage Relationship Signals to counter-act CRM decay and backfill every past customer moving into new accounts.
Who replaces these job changes? Who else is on the buying committee?
You can prevent decay and reduce your diminishing returns in your ABM strategy.
We can solve that problem for you.
Demand Generation & Marketing
Buying Intent + Relationships
1 + 1 = 5
The accounts and contacts in your CRM are your known universe but most likely not your complete Total Addressable Market (TAM).

50% of all Greenfield Signals we identify for our customers are net new accounts and contacts to their CRM.

This hyper-accelerates your ABX campaigns to extend your reach and deepen your Buying Intent Intelligence in your CRM.
Tell us about your ideal customer, geographies, account sizes, or any other parameter that matters, and we’ll find opportunities you don’t know about. And, we’ll work with you for regular modifications to boost campaign performance.
ABM Rocketfuel
Stakeholders, executives, and other decision-makers change roles more often than you think.
We can pinpoint job or role changes among executives, decision-makers, and buying committee people through Relationship Signals.
Put simply, we can show you the entire organizational chart of a buying committee, which can serve as ABM rocket fuel for you, allowing you to grow your database rapidly.
91% of salespeople are not self-discovering more than 1 or 2 people through their efforts. You might be buying lists that are not even up-to-date.
We can give you accurate names and accounts based on actual job titles.
But after we give you these lists, our work doesn’t stop there.
We’ll continue to work with you and revise that list over and over until we get it right because there’s a constant grinding and polishing of the stone to ensure that we’re capturing the latest and greatest executives and all buying committee people for your campaign

Warm Up New Buyers for Sales

Warm calls are significantly better than cold ones.
Here’s an actual strategy scenario with one of our customers:
Company A receives signals from Pipeline Signals. These signals are sent to different groups of people. One of these groups is Account Executives. Signals that come from absolute former customers are immediately forwarded to Account Executives for them to action.
Automation tools send these leads a “warm-up email” before a call is even made. This act of warming up falls on Demand Generation.
Once interest is generated, then these are qualified and sent to Sales.

Talk to Your Fans

This allows you to expand your sellers’ territories and portfolios with high-converting sales opportunities where “fans” (past customers) are now in new accounts.
Customer Success
Boost Your SQLs
Sales qualified leads (SQLs) are essential because they help focus your sales team on prospective customers who are most interested in your product or service. SQLs provide a way to focus your sales team on the customers who have been proven willing to buy from you.
This strategy can increase your pipeline – upwards of hundreds of monthly leads.
Make Warm Calls

In addition to cold calling campaigns, warm calling is a necessary step when talking to your fans.

It’s not just seen as one of the most consumer-friendly, effective, and highest-yielding methods in marketing. It also guarantees that leads generated from it are more interested and informed about your company and provide a stronger sales lead.

Focus on the Highest-Converting Prospects
Remember that former customers are 3-5X more likely to buy from you again. And, new stakeholders are creating 75% of their budget in the first 3 quarters of being appointed to their role.
By focusing on these high-converting prospects, you not only ensure the growth of your pipeline’s growth but also save valuable time and resources.