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About Limelight

Limelight is the leader in experiential marketing solutions.


They provide data-driven insights from live events and integrate those insights into CRMs. Limelight had recently joined forces with (+) Meshh., delivering world-class, location-based intelligence and interaction solutions to measure engagement and interaction in the consumer’s physical space.


Limelight partnered with an outsourced lead generation agency to supercharge their business development efforts, focusing on their new Meshh offering.

Target Audience

Limelight focuses on the experiential marketing department within Fortune 2000 companies, with a particular focus on “anything that moves” in these industries.










Sport & Recreational Vehicles

Why Focus On Relationship Signals?

Limelight acquired MESHH and immediately looked to leverage MESHH as an “edge to the wedge” pipeline creation opportunity.

Limelight recognized that between their core customer base, and MESHH’s customer base, a large cohort of experiential marketing buyers had left their customer base to join new companies due to Covid. This created a perfect opportunity for leveraging the relationships of past advocates.


Limelight also recognized that throughout their 5-year history, many newly appointed CMOs have grown from experiential marketing roles while also changing jobs due to the “Great Resignation,” offering an opportunity to engage these newly appointed CMOs early as they developed budgets around re-surging live marketing events.

Customer Stories - Celestica

How Was Success Measured?

Database Growth

85% of all Signals identified were net new to their CRM, even as their sales team organically continued to develop their database.

Conversation Conversion

SDRs consistently touted that Relationship Signals were much easier to engage with via the telephone, more responsive to email, and engaged in dialogue conversations. An A/B test against non-Signal lists was not performed.

Opportunities Created

Two significant sales opportunities were created in a 90-day controlled test.

Customer Stories - Celestica

What Change Management Occurred?

Limelight, partnered with their lead generation agency, has determined that their “things that move” campaign was successful by focusing on:
Relationships from Limelight’s 5 years of customer base + MESHH’s customer base;

Identifying newly appointed CMOs with experiential marketing experience to trigger their affinity for live events BEFORE they concretely shape their budgets.

What’s Next?

With their lead generation agency, Limelight will focus on a specific SDR dedicated to the following sales motion: “focus on reverse-engineering our Relationships while developing Pending Relationship (Appointed CMO) Signals.”

This SDR will campaign all CMOs that meet their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) globally in search of experiential marketing programs.

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