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For Sellers & Customer Success
Why You’re Here
In 2012, nearly 75% of B2B salespeople globally made their annual quota. In 2020, this number is hovering around 50%.
What happened in less than a decade to cause only half of the salespeople to make quota?
Research strongly illustrates that it’s time management. In fact, of the sellers that didn’t make quota, time management was the primary cause.
When we say “time management,” we don’t mean “not working hard.” Instead, it means working on accounts and activities with a lower chance of a conversion.
If you’re reading this, there is a very high likelihood that you are focused on pursuing people and accounts that, quite frankly, don’t have any interest in doing business with you yet.
Remember, no pipeline equals no sales.
Let’s change that.
Instead, let’s focus on prospecting those that are clearly demonstrating signs of interest.
We understand that you’re not a researcher but a professional salesperson! Let us take the research off your plate.
Welcome to Pipeline Signals: we help B2B sellers boost pipeline by focusing you on people, accounts, and situations that have a likelihood of conversion. We do this by providing you with insights that get you hyper-focused on things that matter.

Step 1

You’ll soon be invited to a Signals Activation Session. Here you’ll learn about:
Be sure to attend this session live, watch a recording, or join us for private coaching to get you activated on your journey!

Step 2

Once you start receiving signals, you might have specific questions about your own leads, accounts, or situations
To help, we’re giving you access to Daily Coaching. We’re available Monday to Friday for private and one-on-one calls to help you strategize and brainstorm.
Book time with us here:
Step 3
It’s important to action all the signals we’re providing. Remember, the data strongly indicates you’ve got a chance to convert these into sales meetings and pipeline.
Secondly, share feedback on the relevancy of signals we’re providing.
By filling out the Quick Change Survey, we can adjust our data analysis and improve the quality of the Signals we deliver to you.
Step 4
Once you’re actively using signals, we’ll provide further reinforcement in the following ways.
In short, your learning and execution should never stop. Your pipeline depends on it!
Step 5
We hope you’re excited to start! Here are some next steps for you to review.
We’re grateful that you’re here, and our team is here to serve you and make this a fun and enjoyable experience.
We hope you’re excited to take prospecting to the next level!
For Sales & Revenue Leaders
Welcome to Pipeline Signals!
In the coming days, your sales team will immerse themselves in leveraging opportunities from a proven prospecting methodology that generates top-of-the-funnel results.
The system only truly works if you, as leaders, work the system. So even though your sellers will be at the forefront of receiving and actioning the signals we give you, we’ll need your full support for adoption, requiring an accountability-first approach.
Important note: in addition to this section, please also review the entire section for salespeople above, so you’re aware of all program details and logistics.
There are many reasons why sellers can’t hit their target. 83% of the time, it’s because they’re targeting accounts without enough data and evidence. The signal intelligence we will provide your team will enable them to take a sharp look at these insights and know which customers and accounts to prioritize and spend time on. This program will provide signals and facilitate best practices through continuous training and coaching. The result? Faster, easier pipeline growth at scale.
All details are provided in the section for salespeople. Please review so you’re ready, prepared, and on board.
We focus on delivering Relationship Signals to your team. Relationship Signals show you the experiences and changes to key stakeholders in your account and how these changes and experiences help you predict the priorities and future direction this account will take.
Daily coaching is always available via www.pipelinesignals.com/coaching. These are private, and one-on-one coaching calls available on an unlimited basis.
Parting Words
Buy back your sellers’ time. Your revenue team is trained to sell, not to research. Let us do the mining of data and signals on your behalf so you can focus on what it is that you are genuinely great at: selling.
Lastly, please review the entire section for salespeople so you’re ready, prepared, and on board.