Pipeline Signals and LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Why Companies Partner with Pipeline Signals

Pipeline Signals and LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Why Companies Partner with Pipeline Signals
All of our customers have LinkedIn and many have LinkedIn Sales Navigator.  It’s a great platform and we encourage its usage as a complement to Pipeline Signals.
But the plain reality is that sellers miss 70%+ of all signals in LinkedIn. Remember, sellers are paid for outcomes, not research.  And although the research in LinkedIn is critical, the training curve is steep.
Instead, we believe in having sellers use LinkedIn for communication and basic research while high-quality signals are delivered to them on an automated basis.

Learn Why Sellers Miss 70%+ of All Signals in LinkedIn.

Time Opportunity Cost

You pay sellers to drive high-value outcomes.  But, with lack of research knowhow, they’re stuck trying to figure out LinkedIn and doing $5/hour tasks.

When it comes to sales intelligence gathering, the majority of sellers forget or don’t want to use LinkedIn.

So every moment they’re not engaging with prospects and customers, they’re spending on administrative and research tasks in LinkedIn.

It’s estimated that sellers will try to spend half a day per week (about 13% of their time) to figure out how to use LinkedIn.  At scale across your entire sales and Customer Success team, this is costing millions of dollars of lost opportunities.

What we do (starting at $2000 a month!) is centralize and take over that entire process, so your sellers don't need to worry about the tedious part of relationship mapping and signal gathering.

Instead, they can focus on more engagement, more at-bats and more customers.

Single Seller View
vs. Global View

With training and care, individual sellers can save alerts in Sales Navigator.  But they need to remember to run searches, check for results and update CRM.

There is too much reliance on the individual to find actionable signals.  Now scale this problem across all of your Sales Navigator users and you’ll see how 70% of all signals are completely missed.

Also, monitoring relationships across all of your accounts is not possible with segregated account views and actions in Sales Navigator.  For example, if a customer leaves an account and goes into another account that’s not tracked by another seller, the signal is missed entirely.

Pipeline Signals solves for this complex problem by centralizing the monitoring of all customer and prospect accounts. This way you never miss people moving in, up or out of accounts.

We surface greenfield signals to you that meets your desired criteria and begin to keep org charts updated.  This helps sales, demand generation and the overall go to market sales plays and ABM/ABX campaigns.

Remember, every month on average 3% of your database is churning.  Let us help you find where opportunities are!

CRM Opportunity Contact Tracking vs. Total Addressable Market Tracking

You may integrate CRM with LinkedIn Sales Navigator but that won’t solve the root problem.

LinkedIn will only monitor the contacts you indicate but has no idea of all of your customers and prospects.

You’re stuck on relying on sellers to find and track the right people in Sales Navigator which will then get picked up by CRM.

The data shows that 91% of sellers on LinkedIn are only tracking 1-2 contacts in accounts.

Pipeline Signals tracks your entire customer and account database to find signals.  And specifically by tracking your customer account list, we can surface greenfield accounts to you that meets your criteria.

Why is this important? More than 50% of key stakeholders are leaving their customer base, going into accounts that do not exist in your CRM.

LinkedIn can’t accomplish this because it has no context as to which customers are yours, which are active, which are past or dormant, which are prospects, or which are competitors. 

Pipeline Signals provides action-ready signals in CRM and any other system of choice, so sellers can begin to take action immediately.

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