Aimed to Serve Thousands of Customers, Pipeline Signals Raises a Pre-Seed Round


For years I’ve known there was an alternative to teaching sellers to monitor and mine their accounts for Signal Intelligence.  

At Sales for Life, we would help our customers build robust Boolean searches in LinkedIn to rapidly and accurately identify opportunities or threats in their accounts. Unfortunately, time management would be the stumbling block for thousands of sellers. 


No matter how well we transferred knowledge to sellers to execute Signal Intelligence Monitoring, sellers encountered the following roadblocks, among others:

  • Couldn’t find the time
  • Missed opportunities when they took gaps in monitoring consistently
  • Found “information silos” when key stakeholders left their accounts. The information wasn’t being effectively passed from one seller to the next.
pipeline signals

We had the idea to monitor and mine Signals on behalf of the sales community for the massive amount of sellers that aren’t able to execute on their own. We knew the knowledge of these Signals was so critical, we had to create a solution. 

Thus, Pipeline Signals was born. 

We are a Signal Intelligence monitoring solution that focuses exclusively on Relationship Signals, such as:

  • Who leaves your customers with a prospect?
  • Who leaves employment or projects with your competitors, and joins accounts you’re targeting?
  • Who are the new key stakeholders in your market that took on new roles?

These are a small sample of the Signals we monitor.  We aim to serve thousands of accounts globally. We want to create democratic access to these Signals for sellers, so they can focus on selling, not research.

To execute on that dream, we knew we needed to raise capital to develop our platform and extend our sales and customer success teams to be able to serve these customers. 

We have officially raised a $400,000 USD pre-seed round, bringing in strategic investors who are CEOs, SaaS leaders, and sales influencers to help shape product development.  

We are so excited to scale the platform to connect and integrate with our customers’ CRMs, marketing automation tools, and sales engagement tools. The future is so bright for sales intelligence to help sellers select, prioritize, and segment accounts to save enormous time and energy.

Jamie Shanks

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