Pipeline Signals vs. UserGems

Why Companies Partner with Pipeline Signals

Pipeline Signals vs. UserGems

Why Companies Partner with Pipeline Signals

Hightest Conversion Focus

We’re not just focused on leads in your CRM database.

We look at the global account ecosystem in your CRM and find people that have gone through a series of actions, called signals, that have the highest conversion ability into pipeline.

We’re not focused on all types of signals. Instead, we’re focused on very specific types of signals.
UserGems only works with Salesforce.

When you do download the UserGems app in your Salesforce, they’ll look at every single lead in your Salesforce. When the leads in your CRM change jobs, they’ll notify you.

What if the lead is not in your CRM?

What if there are leads in your CRM that should be there but are not there?

Capturing Greenfield

Pipeline Signals goes out there and finds new account opportunities for you.

This is a way for you to get exposed to net new accounts (Greenfield accounts) that you aren’t even aware of.
UserGems only tracks contacts in known accounts within your CRM. This means you might be missing out on a massive amount of Greenfield opportunities for your sales team.

Competitive Intelligence Monitoring

We track competitor relationship signals for you.

Competitors can sometimes derail forecasted deals and impact churn rates.

With Competitive Intelligence Monitoring, you’ll be able to mitigate risk quickly. Know when competitors join or exist in your prospect, named, or customer accounts.
UserGems doesn’t track competitors.

They don’t notify you when competitors are joining your accounts.

World-Class Training & Coaching

Data isn’t enough. You must know how to action the data to convert it into pipeline.

The founders of Pipeline Signals innovated the social selling space globally. They started Sales for Life and have trained over half a million people worldwide, basically inventing the category of digital prospecting as we know it with the world’s first visual prospecting methodology called SPEAR.

We understand what it takes to generate signals and how to enable them, and how to execute signals to turn them into pipeline.
UserGems doesn’t offer live human-based training and coaching options to their customers.

Immediate ROI, Low Investment

Pipeline Signals’ packages start at month-to-month rates. We don’t charge per annum fees.

Our month-to-month pricing starts as little as $2000 a month, with no commitments. Cancel anytime.

You can get started earlier and grow your pipeline even as you are just starting, no matter what your budget is.

That’s powerful.
UserGems charges tens of thousands per year.

It may be as high as $60K – $70K per year.

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