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The Problem

Win more accounts by targeting the right people from the start.
There are many reasons why sellers can’t hit their target. 83% of the time, it’s because they’re targeting accounts without enough data and evidence.

Account selection and prioritization is the chief reason for sales & Customer Success not hitting their targets.

Even the best efforts can fall flat if applied to the wrong accounts.

CRM Decay Is Real
91% of sales and Customer Success professionals only have 1-2 contacts in an account.
That’s not enough. In fact, it’s dangerous because 5-8 people are typically influencing buying decisions.Plus, stakeholders, executives, and other decision makers change roles more often than you think.This means that the data in your CRM isn’t evergreen – and worse, it decays as much as 3% each month.
70% of Opportunity Signals are Consistently Missed by Sales

Hundreds of fans and stakeholders leave accounts, join accounts, and change roles constantly. The question is – how do you capture and take advantage of these sales opportunities?

The reality is that your sales and Customer Success teams aren’t finding these signals. It may be for a host of reasons: lack of knowledge, time, awareness, or even interest.

Remember that former customers are 3-5X more likely to buy from you again

And, new stakeholders are creating 70% of their budget in the first 3 quarters of being appointed to their role.
Buying Intent + Relationships
An Incomplete Demand Generation Puzzle​
The demand generation puzzle has 3 important parts. But most teams are only focused on 2.

Buying Intent aims to measure potential interest based on website visits, downloads, etc.
Product Usage shows you who’s using your solution.

But do Relationship Signals exist in your big picture?
Relationship Signals show you the experiences and changes to key stakeholders in your account, and how these changes and experiences help you predict the priorities and future direction this account will take.


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Boost Pipeline and Reduce Risk

We leverage data-backed, proven sales methods to deliver you Signal Intelligence on the cadence you need, in your sales platform of record.

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Identify the Highest Converting Sales Opportunities

Harnessing this data and making sense of it is our job. We inform you on who you should contact today, why now is the perfect time to engage, and what the best practices are when you reach out.

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Be There First for Your Customers and Stakeholders

Change is the one constant on LinkedIn. Be there for your market as key stakeholders move up, down, and in and out of your accounts.

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Never Know the Cost of Missing Out on Opportunities

Revenue teams fail to spot signals and translate that data into actionable sales plays. Our job is to make sure you never make this mistake.



Never Miss a Signal Again. We Generate Signals on Your Behalf.
There is an opportunity cost in sales and Customer Success teams failing to spot signals in prospect and customer accounts. We fix this problem by monitoring prospect and customer accounts that matter to you. You don’t have to rely solely on your sales team to find signals.

We inform you on who you should contact today, why now is the perfect time to engage, and what the best practices are when you engage.

Seamless Integration to Systems of Your Choice

Seamless Integration to Systems of Your Choice
Sales Engagement Platforms
Power your cadences and sequences with high-converting signals.
Marketing Automation

Cross-reference signals against existing lead scoring records.


Drip notifications in channels where teams spend time collaborating.



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Milton Austin

Sales Manager, Pipeline Signals


How We Can Help

What if you could get ahead of your accounts and find leading indicators of opportunities? That’s what we’re here to provide. Think of signals as an insurance policy to uncover potential opportunities or risks in advance.

We’ll monitor and mine your active customer, prospect, and competitor accounts for Relationship Signals on a regular basis. But our work doesn’t stop there. We’ll deliver the signals into your system in any format you prefer. Don’t worry – we won’t leave you hanging after dumping signals to you. We’ll work through them with you through regular one-on-one coaching. And once all that’s done, we’ll go back to studying accounts that matter to you, find signals, and do the entire process all over again. We call this the Feedback Loop.

Signals We Offer

You’ve heard of cybersecurity monitoring. We do the same but for Relationship Signals in accounts that matter to you.
Never miss an opportunity again. We track signals such as:

Customers Moving Into Accounts

Imagine there was a group of people that were 3-5 times more likely to buy from you. These are your past or present customer stakeholders! We’ll alert you every time they join either your prospect, named, or existing customer accounts.


Customers Being Promoted Within Accounts

When people get promoted into positions of influence, they become stakeholders. They now impact budgets and decision-making. Aligning with them helps boost sales pipeline!


Customers Leaving

When people leave accounts, their priorities often leave with them. Knowing this can help mitigate risk by protecting forecasted pipeline deals and retention efforts.


Stakeholders Being Hired In Accounts

When someone with a Director-level title or higher joins an account, they help create or influence 75% of budgets within 9 months. Aligning to them helps boost sales pipeline and overall growth objectives.


Stakeholders Being Promoted within In Accounts

Getting a promotion can make someone a fantastic stakeholder! Not only do they now influence budgets and decisions, they know their company culture and can be a great advocate for you.


Competitors Moving Into Accounts

Competitors can sometimes derail forecasted deals and impact churn rates. With this signal, you’ll be able to mitigate risk quickly. Know when competitors join or exist in your prospect, named, or customer accounts.

Whitespace / Greenfield Monitoring


You are prospecting into a vacuum. The accounts and contacts in your CRM is your known universe, but most likely not your complete Total Addressable Market (TAM).

50% of all Whitespace / Greenfield Signals we identify for our customers are NET NEW Accounts and Contacts to their CRM. These provide two (2) distinct opportunities:

Expands your sellers territories / portfolios with high converting sales opportunities where “fans” (past customers) are now in new accounts.

Total Addressable Market (TAM) Mapping


We find Relationship Signals in your prospect and customer accounts at scale.
Insert the types of signals container
Buying intent is one source or one type of signal. We offer Relationship Signals, another important source of signals needed for pipeline growth.
We use multiple data sources, including LinkedIn and other publicly available data.
We’ve developed a proprietary methodology that is tech-enabled to discover signals at scale.
We offer signals in three unique ways:
1. With secure CSVs if you don’t want integration between our systems.
2. Through partial automation where we can surface signals to any system of your choice with APIs.
3. A soon-to-be available Salesforce.com app that enables the sharing of information.
We can work with you to surface signals in any systems of your choice through manual or automated means.
Depending on your need and the package you sign up for, signals are found and served to you on a weekly or monthly basis.
It depends! Let us know your requirements, and we’ll work on them for you.
  • We’ll enable you to use signals with training & coaching solutions.
  • Currently, we offer daily private 1-on-1 coaching via pipelinesignals.com/coaching, available for active customers.
  • We’ll soon offer guided selling paths and a dedicated resource library.

Pipeline Signals is the Right
Partner for You if:

You have a dedicated team to act on these Signals.
Time is finite. You want your sellers in the market, not researching.
Give time back to your sellers by also selecting the appropriate sellers to execute against these Signals.
Best-in-class customers provide these Signals to their “first touch” team.
Whether you call them SDR, BDR, Digital Sales, or something else – provide these Signals to sellers that have a defined Service Level Agreement (SLA) for execution timelines.
Don’t let these account opportunities and threats go unactioned.
You are willing to work internally to integrate Signals into your sales workflows.
Our Signal Intelligence needs to find a home.
The best home is within your existing sales workflows (CRM, Sales Engagement platform).
This will accelerate seller utilization while providing you the global visibility you need to understand Signals’ effectiveness at scale.
Best-in-class customers recognize that CRM integration means a global birds-eye view of every account with strong opportunities vs. pending threats.
“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” – Peter Drucker.
You want results today, but you also recognize the power of consistency.
Within a few weeks of onboarding, you will be ready to launch your first series of Signal reports throughout our partnership and act on them at scale.
Best-in-class customers also play the long game. They plan for Signals to be part of their sales workflow for years.
They communicate properly upfront, align sales and marketing early on, integrate Signals into their CRM, focus on reports to ensure accountability, and leverage our coaching and resources constantly.
If you think five chess moves ahead, you will be hyper-successful with Signals.