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Sales Intelligence + Sales Enablement = Sales Qualified Leads.

Result = 3-5X Higher Conversion.

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Pipeline Signals

Sales Intelligence + Sales Enablement = Sales Qualified Leads.

We are a software company with a ♥️.
A missing piece of your sales intelligence puzzle, we capture Customers on the Move, enrich the Buying Committee within your Prospect Accounts, and Enable your sales team to turn Signals into Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs).

Process - Get More At BATS

Step 1:

Capture the Buying Committee of each account.

Expand your Total Addressable Market. We give your sellers a full 360 degree view of each prospective account, all key stakeholders in the Buying Committee. We arm your sellers with the ability to instantly go deeper and wider into each prospective account.

91% of accounts in your CRM have < 2.2 contacts

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Step 2:

Track Customers on the Move.

Focus on high converting sales opportunities.

Customers on the Move are 3-5x more likely to convert into a Sales Qualified Lead.

New key stakeholders will deploy up to 70% of their remitted budget in their FIRST 100 Days.

Step 3:

Integrate Signals into Campaigns.

Your data, your way.

Integration logo

Choice 1

Control the data workflow yourself from a .CSV. You have the option to upload in your platform of choice for seller engagement.


Choice 2

Leverage our Zapier integration into any platform of your choice.

Which platform do you want to go into?

Marketing Automation
Cross-reference signals against existing lead scoring records.
Sales Engagement Platforms
Power your cadences and sequences with high-converting signals.
Drip notifications in channels where teams spend time collaborating.


System Integrations Available
We can surface signals in any system you need. Here is a small sample.

Step 4:

Unlimited Seller Enablement.

Get best-in-class enablement on how to turn Signals into Sales Qualified Leads.


At the heart of your enablement program are our two flagship programs:

Social Selling Mastery®
SPEAR Selling®.


These prescriptive programs will teach sellers how to convert data and intelligence into insights called Signals, which will guide the way they prospect and handle their key accounts.


Training and playbooks on the following:
–  Messaging best practices
–  Cadence / Sequence workflows
–  Storyboarding
–  Digital mediums (video)
–  And many more…


Here is a calendar of a typical month in partnership together.



We leverage +10 years of Social Selling training from our company ‘Sales for Life’ to bring you the best digital prospecting training in the world.

Social Selling Mastery®

Inbound Sales Motion

The inbound sales strategy that leverages
Signals to build deeper, more meaningful
connections with prospects, resulting in higher
conversion rates.

Establish a solid digital reputation, boost it over
time, and grow your professional network like
never before.

Course Modules

Build trust, convey empathy, and be customer-centric by optimizing your LinkedIn profile.

Strengthen your brand and demonstrate authority by sharing your knowledge with both your current and future buyers.

Scale your social network to build rapport with your buyers and increase your sales conversations.

Data is a necessary part of the social seller’s toolkit. Learn how to prospect more efficiently by using Signals / Sales Intelligence to build your Total Addressable Market.

Effectively engage your prospects by integrating social selling tools and strategies into your sales motions.

Key Learnings

A strong online presence is crucial to a salesperson's success.

This course teaches sellers how to build their professional reputations and increase sales conversations by strategically creating and sharing content on LinkedIn.

SPEAR Selling®

Outbound Sales Motion

The outbound sales process that uses Signals to pinpoint sales opportunities in both new and existing accounts.

Sell smarter by only targeting high-value accounts, reducing time and effort wasted on leads that will lead nowhere.

Course Modules

Prospect more efficiently by using Signals to build your Total Addressable Market.

Go deep into your top accounts by creating Key Account Plans.

Get a competitive advantage by using virtual selling strategies and tools in your sales motions.

Achieve your growth goals with the proven sales process that opens more doors and enables more conversations.

Stay focused on accounts that are closest to the buying cycle by regularly reviewing your Total Addressable Market.

Key Learnings

A strong online presence is crucial to a salesperson's success.

This course teaches sellers how to build their professional reputations and increase sales conversations by strategically creating and sharing content on LinkedIn.

We'll train Your Team

Monthly Seller Training

30-minute call each month, focused on one prospecting topic to sharpen our skills.

Public Webinars

We invite industry experts to run coaching sessions on prospecting best practices.

Personalized Coaching Hotline

The Result

Satisfied customers that outperform their peers and competitors.

Grow Pipeline

Grow Pipeline by

5 %
Improve Win Rate

Improve Win Rate by

2 %
Boost Quota

Boost Quota by

0 %
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How We Can Help
How Pipeline Signals do it
Relationship Signals capture the connection between key stakeholders to your customers and changes in the priorities within a business.
  1. Customers Moving Into Accounts
  2. Customers Being Promoted Within Accounts
  3. Customers Leaving Accounts
  4. Stakeholders Being Hired In Accounts
  5. Stakeholders Being Promoted
  6. Competitors Moving Into Accounts
Buying intent is one source or one type of signal. We offer Relationship Signals, another important source of signals needed for pipeline growth.
We use multiple data sources, including LinkedIn and other publicly available data.
We’ve developed a proprietary methodology that is tech-enabled to discover signals at scale.
We offer Signals in two ways:
  1. You control the data with no integrations – a secure. CSV for your team to data upload into your systems.
  2. Automation and integration – a secure Zapier integration from our system into your system.
We can work with you to surface signals in any systems of your choice through manual or automated means.
Depending on your need and the package you sign up for, signals are found and served to you on a weekly or monthly basis.
It depends! Let us know your requirements, and we’ll work on them for you. Best practice is to reverse-engineer the length of time a customer remains in your install base. It’s very popular to look at least 1-2 years into the past.
  • Monthly roundtable “Feedback Loop” calls
  • Daily private 1-on-1 coaching via pipelinesignals.com/coaching, available for active customers