Enable Account-Based Sellers to Open More Doors & Close The Pipeline Gap

Bring structure and accountability to account-based prospecting and get more at-bats consistently.

What It Takes to Open Doors Today

Account-based sellers know what it takes to open doors today. But, they lack the time and knowhow of how to do it consistently.

It takes a mixture of focus, strategy and grit to open doors today.

A strong signal/reason to reach out.

There are up to 8 signals to validate to confirm if an account is worth the time.

Knowing up to 8 people in an account.

Most sellers are single-threaded and prospect 1-2 people at most.

Engaging each person up to 10 times.

Most sellers reach out 3 times before they give up and move on to the next account. Plus, messages are canned, generic and focused on checking the box, not exciting the prospect.

One quarter of time.

Like it or not, but deal sizes of $30K+ usually require 9-12 weeks of focused prospecting to open doors and start conversations (sometimes more!).

Here is a documented outcome of one of our students. It is possible to enable sellers to achieve this quarterly for multiple accounts in their portfolio.

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The Pipeline Signals System

This system helps account-based sellers & rainmakers with consistent prospecting and pipeline development in 3 simple ways.


Account-based sellers learn how to open more account doors and create more at bats using SPEAR Selling(R) (outbound methodology) and Social Selling Mastery(R) (inbound methodology).


Within 90 days of learning, they apply teachings and begin opening doors. 


Once certified, the SPEAR Selling workflow is implemented using our proprietary resources.  Accountability is achieved through regular submission of work and ongoing enablement.

Step 1

Learn How to Prospect as An Account-Based Seller to Open Doors

Sellers start with learning SPEAR Selling and Social Selling Mastery, focused on modern digital prospecting and social selling. These two powerful sales methodologies are designed to help open more account doors, start sales conversations and get them to the first meeting.

SPEAR Selling: Outbound Prospecting Proven to Open Doors

The advantage with sales methodologies is standardization and consistency: sellers follow the same steps from Meeting 1 to Closed Sale.

For account-based sellers, this level of consistency is missing in prospecting and pipeline development. That’s why we created SPEAR Selling(R): a proven way to achieve opening of more doors in accounts.

SPEAR Selling(R) brings clarity and focus to account-based prospecting rapidly, helping sellers prioritize accounts and time.

Check out what Account Executives, Account Managers and Customer/Client Success Managers have to say about it!


The Advantages of SPEAR Selling & Standardized Prospecting

Structured & regimented

Focused on opening more doors

Isolate issues quickly to help sellers

Eliminate poor time management issues

Consistent adherence to best practices

SPEAR Selling®

SPEAR Selling is a much-needed blueprint for Account-Based sellers who are focused on outbound prospecting and selling. It’s an acronym for:

  • Select & prioritize accounts that have the highest chances of conversion.
  • Plan entry into accounts with 360 degree knowledge.
  • Engage accounts in modern and effective ways.
  • Activate accounts with stories that open doors & drive deal progress.
  • Reprioritize accounts to keep focus on pipeline growth.

Mandatory for all current & future new hire sellers.


  • Account Executives
  • Account Managers
  • Inside Sales Reps
  • Customer Success Managers

All programs are tailored to your organization’s sales process, tools, vernacular, and more.

  • 1 quarter to deploy.
  • 4 x 1-hour learning sessions.
  • Self-study & certification timeline.

Achieve certification when all assignments are complete and a real-life sales outcome (such as a door opening in an account) is achieved.


Sellers provide an overview of their work via certification videos like these to achieve certification.

  • Live training experience in English.
  • On demand curriculum subtitled in:  English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese.
  • LinkedIn (free + Sales Navigator)

Understand the importance of time management and how to practice digital account segmentation using a proprietary method. Next, begin selecting top focus accounts based on digital facts and evidence.

Sellers learn how to build a full buying committee, automate the research process in minutes (not hours) while planning their positioning. Completed digitally, via our War Room account planning method, sellers achieve a strong understanding of how to enter accounts systematically.

Digital engagement requires learning modern communication mediums like video and multimedia presentations.  In this module, sellers learn how to use these mediums to create impact, stand out, collect intent signals and open doors.

Opening doors and advancing deal flow requires a consistent messaging strategy. In this module, sellers learn how to design frequency with value-based storytelling at the core.

Sellers learn that at the end of a predetermined time sprint, it’s time to either dig in, move on and plan the attack on the next set of accounts displaying the strong levels of interest.

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Social Selling Mastery: Create Awareness for Inbound Interest

Social Selling Mastery helps sellers & rainmakers build brand awareness, scale networks and convert awareness to interest.

Because awareness is the ultimate currency in today’s world, the more people that know you, the better the chances of inbound lead flow.

Fact: 74% of buyers/accounts want to do business with sellers that are first to add value & insight.

Check out what sellers have to say about it!


The Advantages of Social Selling Mastery

Build a personal & professional brand.

Share expertise and education at scale.

Scale a network full of prospects, customers and more.

Convert awareness to interest.

Social Selling Mastery®

Social Selling Mastery® is designed to help all sales and sales support professionals generate mass awareness using their personal brands and networks.


By becoming social sellers, organizations amplify their corporate brand, influence and footprint.

Mandatory for all sellers and sales support professionals.


  • Account Executives
  • Account Managers
  • Inside Sales Reps
  • Customer Success Managers
  • Sales Engineers, Pre-Sales Consultants, Solution Consultants & more

All programs are tailored to your organization’s sales process, tools, vernacular, and more.

  • 1 quarter to deploy.
  • 4 x 1-hour learning sessions.
  • Self-study & certification timeline.

Achieve certification when all assignments are complete and there is proven growth in a 90-day period in:


  • LinkedIn connections
  • Post impressions 
  • Profile views
  • Search appearances


Sellers provide an overview of their work via certification videos like these to achieve certification.

  • Live training experience in English.
  • On demand curriculum subtitled in:  English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese.
  • LinkedIn (free + Sales Navigator)
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • XING
  • WhatsApp
  • WeChat
  • LINE

It’s estimated that 67% of B2B buyers will visit the LinkedIn profiles of salespeople at some point in the buying journey. In this module, participants learn practically how to set up customer-centric brands and “growth hack” the LinkedIn algorithm for maximum reach.

Participants learn to teach where buyers learn. With an education-first mindset, they’ll be able to find content to share, know when, where and how to share it to educate their network with insights.

The more people that see our content, the better. This is why it’s so important to grow our social network.


In this module, participants learn how to grow their LinkedIn network with key account champions and influencers.

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The Learning Process

Learning sales methodologies doesn’t have to be a chore. Our process is practical, fun and hands-on, focused on producing real-life sales outcomes rapidly.


The Learning Journey

Every quarter, your team will experience the following.

It’s really that simple.


Enjoy peace of mind knowing how we’ll support and govern your program’s success.

  • SPEAR Selling certification
  • Social Selling certification
  • Daily Coaching Hotline available
  • Monthly Signals Reports (Tracking ‘Customers on the Move’, New Executive Job Changes, Champion / Power User Job Changes).

Step 2

Apply Learning,
Achieve Certified Sales Outcomes

Training by itself isn’t enough. We couple it with application-based assignments that earn a coveted certification.

It’s only earned when doors are opened and/or sales conversations are progressing.

Every quarter, we’ll provide you with milestone reporting that shows where impact is being made. Here is an example of a team of global Account Executives focused on mid-to-large deals ($50K-$350K ACV).

This is documented and verified with sellers providing mini business case studies of their successes.

Measure Pipeline Impact

Imagine learning a sales methodology that actually works to open account doors!

SPEAR Selling ROI Calculator

What would that kind of ROI look like for you?


By implementing SPEAR Selling, you’ll open doors in 90 days, generate $ in the pipeline, and be on track to close $ in revenue in months.

Talitha Loftus certificate
Kate walker certificate
Paul curto certificate

Step 3

Reinforce Pipeline Development with Accountability

Getting certified is only the first step.

SPEAR Selling comes to life with ongoing accountability and support!

By adhering to a standardized implementation workflow, prospecting and pipeline development are stabilized and come to life.

The accountability removes uncertainty on what to do, when to do and how to do it.

This structure and regimented approach becomes the guided process by which ongoing pipeline development is realized.

Center (Every Quarter)

SPEAR (5 components)

Arrow going in on the left: Implement

Arrow coming out on the right: Verified Outcomes

Base: Ongoing Coaching Support

The Account Dashboard

Consisting of 2 tools, sellers start and organize their prospecting efforts here. The tools and dashboard are updated regularly, ensuring that they are prospecting with the latest and most current facts.

The TAM & Account Segmentation Tool

It’s virtually impossible for account-based sellers to know how and who to prospect without knowing the state of their portfolio.

This is where account segmentation becomes a wise strategy.

Segmenting accounts into 4 simple categories of Park, Reverse, Neutral and Drive, they visually see where their time is best spent and how to address opportunities and risks.

The Activity Gap Tracker

This tool tracks the Conversation Control Number on an ongoing basis. Updating it regularly provides sellers and leaders the number of conversations needed to make the number. Breaking down large revenue goals into smaller bite-sized metrics like this brings clarity to prospecting and pipeline development activities.

Selecting & Prioritizing Accounts

Selecting the right accounts forms the entire basis of prospecting and opening doors. By discovering their own signals, sellers gain confidence on which accounts to target in their portfolio.

Deliverables ↴

Planning Account Entry

Entering accounts requires basic strategy. This step entails multithreading, setting up alerts and account planning to maximize the likelihood of opening doors.

Deliverables ↴

Engage & Activate Accounts

For the Engage step, sellers apply the usage of modern tools like video and digital sales rooms.

For the Activate step, messages are created using best practices and embedded in structured storyboards.

Opening doors usually happens in this step as multithreading and multitouch is achieved at scale for accounts displaying the right signals.

Deliverables ↴

Reprioritize Accounts

In this step, sellers return to the Account Dashboard to update the 2 main tools that guide their prospecting efforts.

Deliverables ↴


If you have questions, please review these FAQs to learn more.

Yes. As long as you’re an active customer, we’ll work with you to determine the number of classrooms and frequency in which we deploy training.

Yes. In fact, we insist. This way, all sellers are adhering to standardized prospecting and pipeline development best practices.

In less than 30 days, you can onboard and begin training your sales organization on SPEAR Selling or Social Selling Mastery!

Using an accountability and implementation system, sellers are required to submit work to us quarterly to ensure they are following the methodology learning principles.  We validate and help them every step of the way.

Progress is tracked using learning and implementation performance reports.


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