Pipeline Development
Focused Sales Kickoffs

Enable your sales team with actionable insights on opening more doors and starting more sales conversations.

Workshop Overview

Pipeline Signals offers a collaborative, practical and hands-on workshop experience for sellers.  


Typically delivered at Sales Kickoffs and regional/quarterly meetings, the workshop is hyper focused on opening more account doors and starting sales conversations.


Review how our workshop is structured and let us know if we can help bring your next event to life.

The Get More At Bats Workshop

The best key account strategies are formulated as a TEAM.


Definition of Synergy - “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” - Aristotle.
Account-based sellers partner with their fellow revenue contributors (SDR/BDR, Sales Engineers, CSMs, Marketing) to build and defend a key-account strategy that is immediately executable in the market.


1. Improve team collaboration.
2. Strengthen strategic decision-making through consensus / team-work.
3. Build a key account strategy (multiple accounts) that creates sales opportunities in less than 30 days post-SKO.

best Key Account Strategies for AE’s.
Key Account Strategy
Get More At Bats Workshop

Program Overview

Live Learning Sessions

A live workshop (that can also be delivered virtually) focusing on key sales skills you want to strengthen:

95 growth

The workshop is highly practical and outcome-based. Sellers will be building a real case study strategy that defends:

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A “Shark Tank” experience will be held after each team / pod creates their key account strategy and defends their strategy to the “Sharks” (your collective sales team).


The audience (your collective sales team) will ask tough questions, provide constructive feedback, all in an effort to strengthen the plan.


Each team will vote for the top team / pod to award a grand prize for the top key account strategy.


Following the workshop, the account owner(s) of the accounts focused on within the workshop will be responsible for executing the key account strategy within 30-days of the event. The goal – create a sales opportunity from each key account strategy.

Target Groups

Primary Target

Primary Target

Account-based sellers (Account Executives, Account Managers) that own a portfolio of accounts.

Secondary Target

Secondary Target

Remaining revenue team (BDR’s, Sales Engineers, Marketing) that support the success of an Account-based strategy.

Team / Pod Construction

Ideal = Round tables of 10 sellers per table max, consisting of:



We have the blueprint to success for this workshop. You are welcome to inject your existing sales methodologies, processes and tools into the mix to enhance the experience and/or reinforce specific workflows.

Ideal = 3+ hours.

1 hr – teaching Account-based prospecting strategies

1 hr – teams / pods construct their key account strategies

1 hr – teams / pods present their case study defenses

1 Key Account Strategy per Team / Pod.

1 Sales Opportunity per Team / Pod within 30-days of the Get More At Bats workshop.

English only.

  • Key Account Prospecting – best practices delivered through a collective experience.
  • Team-Work & Collaboration.
  • Objective Decision-Making in relation to Account Selection, Prioritization and Time Management.

Learning Journey

30 Days Before Workshop

Day Of

7 Days After Workshop

30 Days After Workshop

Learning Delivery

Live instructor-led training (can also be delivered virtually). We leverage the ‘Teach-back Method’ to optimize skills absorption:

We teach a concept

We teach a concept.

1-on-1 Coaching

The sales team practices the concept.

specific seller teaches

A specific seller teaches that concept back to their fellow sellers.


  • SPEAR Selling certification
  • Social Selling certification
  • Daily Coaching Hotline available
  • Monthly Signals Reports (Tracking ‘Customers on the Move’, New Executive Job Changes, Champion / Power User Job Changes).

How To Start

Book a time with us to discuss implementing this pipeline development workshop at your next SKO or regional/quarterly event.