Pipeline Signals



Learn how to convert signals to more meetings.

As a customer, you can participate in 3 different types of training:

Personalized Training

Get personalized training to get answers to pressing questions, review strategies and more. 

These are offered in 15 minute sessions and available on an unlimited basis.

Public Training Webinars

In these group sessions, all signal users of existing customers are invited to get training on a broad range of topics.

These sessions will be offered once to twice per month to start.

We’ll provide best practices on important topics such as:

  • Messaging that resonates and books meetings.
  • Automating research to write compelling & relevant messages.
  • Using video & multimedia presentations to supercharge your communication.
  • Establish your professional reputation with your LinkedIn profile to attract signals to connect.
  • Grow your reputation with content sharing best practices that get more meetings.
  • Grow your professional network + connection best practices.
  • Selecting & prioritizing the right accounts to target in your territory or named account list with signals.
  • And much more!


Private Customer Training

All of our customers are offered our private training and coaching programs to enable and grow digital sales acumen.

The trainings are highly interactive and focused on growing sales pipeline using digital selling best practices.
If you’re not aware of this training, please contact your company’s Pipeline Signals Program Manager to be invited to all training sessions.